#016 | 4 New Stepfiles, Quick Installation Reintroduced, Video Re-Encoding in 4K and Art

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#016 | 4 New Stepfiles, Quick Installation Reintroduced, Video Re-Encoding in 4K and Art

December 31, 2022 Info Youtube Video 0

*This version is a ”hardsub” english version, you can access to more subtitle in the youtube link below or the MKV.*
The MKV format contains 2 versions in a .zip which are: 1080p and 2160pSource + AAC and FLAC-24Bits.

You can download the MKV Version in the Video Player (Much Smaller in term of size) (With the DL button)

[Youtube Link]

Available Subtitles: English, French, Spanish & Tagalog

(German in coming)

Here is a really fast recap of this video:

Four new stepfiles

Double Dark Past (Bocchi Acoustic Version) [EDMS AO]

Pretty Woman [EDMS TS]

Seikai Fuseikai [EDMS AO]

Seikai Fuseikai instrumental [EDMS AO]

Quick Installation Reintroduced

The quick install has been reintroduced.

You can choose between an embedded application or a .zip file (only one choice of quality available).

This installation method works on the majority of game engines and is much lighter than the very high resolution versions.

Video Re-Encoding in 4K

The 2160p videos have been re-encoded.

I saw that some of them had problems with the fluidity of the 60FPS rendering.

Also, If you download the videos to the player, the qualities offered are in 1080p and 2160p (if available) and are based on the H265 codec which is much lighter than the H264 format used on the website.


The “art” (shown in the previous video) is finished and has been added to the website.

You can see them [Here]

If you want to download them, the “art” tab is available with the original qualities (on the website).

Hoping this project are reaching your expectation.

I wish you a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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