Stepmania Download

Technical & JumpStream Charts, the best for destroying your hands properly.

Let’s face it, Stepmania is a pretty old game.

And that’s why this page exists.

It also provides backup links from the original websites.

On the other hand, you should know that StepMania may be old,

but a lot of people are doing their part to improve the game daily.

Here are the important links to start destroying your hands (or your feet)

Project Outfox / ProjectMoondance

Project Outfox is a remodel of StepMania. A lot of things are fixed and will be fixed over time.

So I highly recommend you download this version to have the best Stepmania experience.

[Download page on their site]

[Archive of old versions]

Etterna [Support?]

Etterna is a remodel of StepMania that focus on the online competition aspect.

You can setup score that will be seen by others players as well has playing with your friend.

They have a leaderboard if you want to set high goal.

[Download page on their site]

[Archive of old versions]

*FYI: If you are on Windows 11, Etterna may warn you of a missing DLL, here is the download link [DL]

StepMania 5

Stepmania 5 is the basic software for playing the genre. It is one of the oldest engines around.

On the other hand, it hasn’t received an update for a while and could become obsolete for many people as time goes on.

[Download page on their site]

[Archive of old versions]

Stepmania 3.95

Old Stepmania, with the old graphics.

Windows: [3.95] [Staiain’s Version] ||| [CVS]

MAC: [3.95]

Open ITG

Open ITG is an Open Source Clone of The Groove 2.

It has never been updated.

It’s a dead project.

[Download page on their site]

[Archive of old versions]


Successor of Open ITG

[Download page on his site]

[Archive of old versions]

If you want a more competitive experience you have:

Flash Flash Revolution

The most important thing is to have fun!