Technical & JumpStream Charts, the best for destroying your hands properly.

EDMS BI is a pack created only for Etterna.

It’s only a Batch Pack that contains everything i had done on the others recents packs. (2016-2021)

I can’t release them since they are always pack ”in progress”.

So that’s why this pack has been created.

You can expect a lof of hands, holds, mines and fake on these chart.

(*Jumpstream, Hands, Technical, some Jack)

About the type of music, is pretty much random.

Hoping you will like that!

This pack contains the following files:

Birth of The Universe [EDMS TS]

Candy [EDMS S3RL]

Drought [EDMS TS]

Drought Instrumental [EDMS TS]

Echo – The Living Tombstone Remix [EDMS V]

Galaxies (Ark Patrol Remix) [EDMS TS]

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni [EDMS AO]

Kharon [EDMS TS]

Nana [EDMS TS]

Nana Off Vocal [EDMS TS]

Natsu [EDMS AO]

Nothing Special [EDMS TS]

Peace Sign [EDMS AO]

Peace Sign [Instrumental] [EDMS AO]

Reflection [EDMS TS]

Smith [EDMS TS]

The Bass & the Melody [EDMS S3RL]

The Day [EDMS AO]

Unravel [Music Box] [EDMS AO]

Virtual [EDMS TS]

Willingless [EDMS TS]