About Edmspack

Spread Keyboard Stepmania File !

I have created my first Stepmania file in 2011.

My old file are very different that what i actually do (#Edms A1,A2).

The majority of my new pack is oriented on a ”Spread Style”.

That’s means that all arrow follow the song. (4/4 of the music)

When a song have a subtil very fast ”Hand” move, i put them on a ”Edit” difficulty for pro player.


I have put a lot of work in Edmspack, and i will continue. 

It’s can take a lot of times du to the fact that i have a work that take 40h/by week in real life


The advantage of my whole pack it’s that i offer a large quality type and in the recent i give more difficulty range too.

You can play with your pads on the novice/easy difficulty.


So, if you are a pro player that love ”very hard file”, it’s may be possible that my pack are easy.

The only time my pack become very hard, it’s when i do a true hard song or a Edit difficulty. (Example: 500bpm)

And the most of the time, nobody clear it with AAA or AAAA.


The other advantage it’s that i don’t put any advertise on the website.

I give a FTP access, compiled file that not encrypted (for finished file) and a easy website to use.

(*If you see advertise on Youtube, it’s du the fact that the majority of my video on it are copyrighted.)


I have my own chart about the difficulty. It’s based on what it’s hard for a normal/high player with small number.

None of my challenge overpass 17.


It’s take me around 4-8 hours to finish only the Challenge difficulty. Sometime i stream on twitch.

The most of the time it’s about the Stepmaking.


I hope you like that 🙂


Have fun and stay updated about all my project !