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Last file update info [26 October 2020]

[New !] Drought

[New !Drought Instrumental


Edms A is a mix of all my old packs in one. The majority of the songs are from anime.

You can see many differences in the stepmaking because it’s a mix of older and newer songs.

(2011 to 2016)

(Edms A1 (2011) | Edms A2 (2013) | Edms A3 (2014) | Edms A4 (2015-2016))

More recent files are more “spread” and more accurate.

You can see a lot of “wtf arrows” in 2011-2013 files.

Only Japan related stuff will be included in this one.

The goal is to include:

Instrumental Version and a Full Version of the same songs.

If the Instrumental Version and the Full Versions are unavaliable, only a TV Size Version will be included.

(Edms DJ-JO has been mixed with EDMS AO)

Some HardPro players love destroying their hands.

This pack is the best for such masochists 🙂

Hard songs with difficult hand tricks.

A mix of different types of music.

(The chart follows the song perfectly)

The difficulty is above 13-14.

This pack will include Full versions of songs. (And some instrumental)

*Take a note that this pack only includeCOPYof Stepfile that i have done on my other pack.

In each step, all the difficulty above and equal to 12 has been deleted.*

This pack contains only the work of one artist – S3RL.

It’ll include only the Full versions, because S3RL doesn’t provide the Instrumental.

Some old files might be updated or recreated if needed.

A pack focused on EDMS songs (Electro, Dance, Drums and bass, etc)

If you don’t really like anime stuff, it’s will be the pack for you. Sorry in advance for the fact that all the website are based on anime stuff.

Focused on Hatsune Miku and other popular Vocaloids.

The goal is to include:

Full versions + the instrumental of the same song.

You have a request for a Vocaloid song? Just post it on the forum