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This section contains all the Steps that I have created from my beginning until now.

There are many packs which are either sorted by artist or type of music.

EDMS A is the oldest and EDMS TS is one of the newer ones.

Most of the packs focus on a –unique– SpreadFile Chart which is played in 4K (4 Arrows).

The Steps contain a lot of Doubles and Triples, as well as lots of Holds and Rolls.

If you want more details, you can see [this topic] about my charting to familiarize yourself in advance with what you are going to play.

I always buy the best audio quality to provide you with the best in terms of feel.

Most of the music (except EDMS A) comes from a .WAV.

If you want to support the authors, you can click on the name of the music on the Step page.

This will take you to the site where I bought it.

If the music does not come from a .WAV quality there will be a comment on the audio data.

(There is no audio quality upscale)

For more details, I would advise you to read [Download Information]

Here are the details about my packs.

If you click on the image of the pack, it will bring you to the pack in question.

EDMS A is an old pack mixing everything I did from 2011-2012 to 2016.

The Charting is quite different from now and it’s inconsistent.

It contains mostly anime music but sometimes unrelated.

Overall this pack is pretty easy.

*This pack has been remastered.

[EDMS AR] & [EDMS ARNR] is the new name that this pack have.

It’s was been fully modified in term of audio, video, BN, BG qualities and has received a major OFFSET and BPM fix.

The chart hitself doesn’t have receive a change. (Just a few of them has been redone entirely)*

EDMS AO is the continuation of EDMS A in terms of music.

In general, you can find the music related to Japan in this pack (excluding Vocaloid music).

It contains both extremes in terms of difficulty.

It also has some opening remixes.

EDMS S3RL is a pack with only music from S3RL.

Because his style is quite unique, a dedicated pack for him was the best choice.

Usually S3RL‘s music is pretty hard to play because of its speed (BPM).

EDMS TS is a pack focused only on EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

If you don’t like Japanese animation music, this pack is for you.

Some music is DnB (Drum and Bass) and is really difficult to play.

Songs said to be more Classical / Electronic are generally quite fun to play without being too easy.

My current crush is Smith. I replay it from time to time.

EDMS V is a pack focused only on Vocaloid music.

It was the best idea to make a dedicated pack because of the amount of music there.

Currently the pack contains only one file.

The current music is quite easy to play.