Technical & JumpStream Charts, the best for destroying your hands properly.

Last Update: 27 June 2022

Welcome on the Progress info section.

You can see what is happening and what I’m currently working on.

The Website

Everything is fine

Data Management

Most of the picture on the website has been converted to WEBP and all the Streaming download link allow you to download the full video in a H265 MP4 format. Which are more compressed with the same output qualities. (At the cost of more CPU/GPU usage)


Working On

All the Things [Edms TS]

20 %

Aubade (Exclusion Remix) [Edms TS]

15 %

Desert of Ashes [Edms TS]

15 %

Haru no Tonari [Edms AO]

20 %

I Feel Alive [Edms S3RL] [*]

05 %

Lunatic Destruction [Edms AO]

99 %

Moonlight [Edms TS] [*]

15 %

Murda [Edms DP]

20 %

Our Moving Picture [Edms TS]

01 %

Pretty Woman [Edms TS]

10 %

Take Me Home [Edms TS] [*]

20 %

The number at the end means the order that they will be released.

Because we have done a ”Vote” on the discord, and they vote it in that way!

[*] = I have the right to purpose them in public if they got completed.

On hold or potential Upcoming Files:

500BPM V2 [Edms DYH]



Fan Service [R18]


Theater of Life

What Am I Fighting For

Without You