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Edmspack has a server as well as a file hosting service.

The server is used mainly for streaming purposes and the hosting service to download the packs and/or Steps.

The CDN allows you to download a file directly and at a theoretical maximum speed of 10GB/s if your internet supports it.

If one day Edmspack becomes much more popular, we will add a server for file hosting without bandwidth limit.

On the other hand, there is not yet (for not an expensive prices) a server connected to 10GBPS network.

List of servers

Streaming server | Https | 1Gbps | France | SSD | [UP]

[Go to the server]

The file host | 1Fichier | Https | 10GBPS | France and Netherlands | HDD | [UP]

No direct access link available.

* Note that 1Fichier may be blocked in your country.

If this is your case, I recommend Mullvad VPN.

I am not sponsored by them. It’s just the most decent VPN I know of.

EdmsUpdater – Application | [UP]

My Own Stepmania Server | [UP]

If you notice any problems, either a file not available or a non-functional server, you can contact me!