Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

EDMS TS is a pack focused only on EDM (Electronic Dance Music).

If you don’t like Japanese animation music, this pack is for you.

Some music is DnB (Drum and Bass) and is really difficult to play.

Songs said to be more Classical / Electronic are generally quite fun to play without being too easy.

Public Version: ..6.42

Member Version:

Last Update: 28 May 2022

Permission Proof: [PDF & TXT]

Note: Started working on it in 2019 (Still going on)


This version is a PUBLIC version where the artists and myself have got in touch and had a mutual agreement.

All the other songs can only be downloaded as a member on the Discord of EDMSPACK. [Discord]

And it’s possible that even there they can be no longer be able to in the future if (for example) the artist of it finally got in touch with me and declined my suggestion.

(I have already email all the artists, just waiting for a response)

Hope that you understand why I do that.

Song available on the public version:

Drought, Drought Instrumental, Nana, Nana Off Vocal, Virtual, Willingless

Download – ZIP *i*

*You need to choose one quality per section. The Background and the Video can be optionnal*


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PNG & FLAC based: [Source File] [Without Video]


Special: [Banner Full Size]

Video Playlist

This pack contains the following files:

[*] = Available on the Public Version


Birth of The Universe

[*] Drought

[*] Drought Instrumental

Galaxies (Ark Patrol Remix)


[New!] Know


[*] Nana

[*] Nana Off Vocal

Nothing Special




Talk to Me

[*] Virtual

[*] Willingless

Change Log (From to

- Added Know [+1 Music, +7 Charts] (Private)

Change Log (From to

- Added Annihilation [+1 Music, +7 Charts] (Private)

Change Log (From to

- Added Snowfall [+1 Music, +7 Charts] (Private)

Change Log (From to

- Minor Fixes on LITM [+1 Minor]
- Minor Fixes *2* on Talk to Me [+1 Minor]

Change Log (From to

- Added LITM [+1 Music, +7 Charts] (Private)
- Minor Fixes on Talk to Me [+1 Minor]

Change Log (From to

- Added Talk to Me [+1 Music, +7 Charts] (Private)

Change Log (From to

- Major Update of nine charts list. [+1 Major]
- Modified some arrows arrangement of:
Birth of The Universe, Drought, Drought Instrumental, Kharon, Nothing Special, Reflection, Smith & Virtual [Linked with the major update]
- Modified some arrows arrangement & Modified Beginner and Easy chart difficulties numbers in Willingless [Linked with the major update]
- Twelve charts list has been locked and will not receive any fixes in the future. [12CL] (6 on the public side)

Change Log (From to

- Change of the Banner size for the Project Outfox Engine. (+Update of all of the others BN version) [+12 Minor]
- Change of the Pack Banner size for the Project Outfox Engine. (Full Size available on a ZIP on the PO version folder) [+1 Minor]
- 4K BG Upgrade available [Addon]
- Audio Downgrade available [Addon]

Change Log (From to

- Virtual added [+1 Music, +7 Charts] - (*Are available on the Public Version)
- Willingless small chart change (Hard, Challenge, Challenge +, W-HBF-V) [+1 Minor]

Change Log (From to

- Limitation of the audio quality of Drought & Drought Instrumental to 192Kbps (Only .OGG) 
(Request of the artist) [+2 Minor]
- Increased quality audio of Willingless [Only apparent on the Stepmania Outfox [SO] version] [+1 Minor]

Change Log (From to

- Deleted Milos [Because of a refused permission] [+1 Minor, -1 Song, -7 Charts]

Change Log (From to

- Changing the Codec of all audio files to FLAC or OGG [+1 Major]
- Small modification of the Chart of: Birth Of The Universe & Milos [+2 Minor]
- Modifying Banners for Different Dimensions [+13 Minor]