File installation (Extract)

Spread Keyboard Stepmania File !

Important to know:

A new extract method have been created.

And will be add on all new file.

It’s a executable file (.exe) that you just need to clic on it to open

and extract them on the Stepmania\Songs folder without using Winrar or 7Zip.

Take a note that it’s still possible to open that .exe with Winrar or 7Zip if you prefer to do this with software.

If you see P01 and P02, it’s means that the pack have been cut in 2 diffrent part (Because the executable can’t exceed 4-5GB)

You just need to put the 2 files on the same folder, and clic on the .exe.

Old ways to extract (.Rar, .Zip)

To extract a file, you can use the default extract file of windows (If .zip) or use (7Zip or Winrar) (For .Rar or Mac-Linux user)

And you just need to extract them on the Stepmania\Songs folder.

After that, you just need to reload or start Stepmania.

If you have updated a file and you don’t see the banner/backgroud/video change and that are suppose to change.

You need to go on the appdata of Stepmania and delete temps file.

(C:\Users\Yourcomputername\AppData\Roaming\StepMania 5\Cache\Songs)

Have fun !