File installation (Extract)

Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

The installation of the files is quite simple especially with the compilation method that I apply to each of my files.

The website has two types of compiled files.

The Quick installation [.exe] and the Archive [.rar] (The archive is only available for Packs or Megapacks)

* Note that the Quick install CAN be opened with Winrar. *

Here are the procedures to follow depending which version you choose.

Quick installation [.exe] [More Info]

You must have Windows.

(Otherwise you will have to use the ” Archive ” method for the extraction)

You have to click on the file. Your computer may be warning you.

If this happens you must click on ” Additional Information ” and click on Run anyway.

The extractor will NEVER ask for administrator access.

It just copy the files to where you want them.

Then you need to find your Stepmania Folder and click on the ” Songs ” folder and click on Extract.

When it’s over.

You can remove the installer and start Stepmania.

The Music should have appeared in the packs tab (in-game).

(*Sometimes the pack is separated into several parts since the maximum size of an [.exe] is 3GB.

When this happens, you must have all the parts in the same folder to perform the extracting process properly.)

The archive [.rar]

You must have 7Zip or Winrar.

You must move the archive to the ” Songs ” folder (*Of Stepmania).

Then you have to right click on the archive and click onExtract Here“. (It also works with .exe)

You can then delete the archive and start Stepmania.

The Music/Pack should have appeared in the packs tab (in-game).

(* ZIP format is also offered on packs for players with older 32Bits systems.

The process is similar to this one. However, you can access the compressed folder without third-party software.)

Update of a pack and / or a Step

If you update a pack that you already have, it is recommended to delete the ” Cache ” from it.

This also applies to the Archive

On Stepmania 5, the cache is in ”% appdata% ” / Stepmania 5 / Cache.

You must delete the file linked to the said pack in / Banners and / Songs

On ProjectMoondance, it is located in the Stepmania Outfox / Cache / Songs.

You must delete the file linked to the pack in it. 

If you have any problems, you can contact me!