File installation (Extract)

Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

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The installation of simfiles is quite simple,

especially with the methods I created for all of my files.

We have two types of “compiled files” which you can download.

Let’s start with the easiest method of installation

Extracting compiled files with the .exe extension

Just click on it and point to the Stepmania\Songs folder.

If you don’t trust the .exe, know that it can be opened with WinRAR.

They only copy their files and don’t require administrator access.

Note that the size of the .exe is limited to 2-3 GB so they might have several parts.

These parts need to be in the same folder to be extracted well.

You can also download files with the .rar extension (Pack/Megapack only)

They require third-party software to be extracted, whereas .exe don’t.

Such software are: WinRAR, 7Zip and more.

You need to extract these files in the Stepmania\Songs folder.

Updating packs or files

You should be aware that Stepmania doesn’t automatically update its caching when you change a file.

If you update a file and it doesn’t work, go to %appdata%\Roaming\Stepmania 5\Cache

and delete the song’s files in \Songs and \Banners

Then restart Stepmania and the song will be updated!

Have fun!