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Each packs (except Edms AR & ARNR) now contains a Notepad named “Version” as well as a link to the website.

What is it useful for?

This lets you know if you have the latest update of the pack,

as well as giving you a link to update it.

What do the version numbers mean?

The versions are separated into four parts.

Like so: A.B.C.D

A = Major Update (Representing a global restructuring of the pack)

B = Minor Update

(Representing only minor modifications. Like additions / deletions of arrows. Modification of .SM or .SSC)

C = The number of songs in the pack

(This lets you know if you really need to download the whole pack or just the added Steps.)

Example: If your version is and it becomes

You know that only one Step of six Charts has been added.

D = The number of total Charts

Allows you to know if a Charts have been added and / or removed. This is closely linked to B.

Then you have the date of the last update of the Pack. This allows you to quickly see if you are up-to-date or not.

Finally, a link to the website is available in the packs folder.

This allows you to go to the page directly to update.

Quick (exaggerated) example:

6 Major Updates, 12 Minor Updates, 35 Musics, 210 Charts

I recommend that you read the [File installation (Extract)] section so that the updates are installed correctly.

I hope this was helpful!