New Download Method

Technical & JumpStream Charts, the best for destroying your hands properly.

The way for downloading my packs has been changed.

They have been separated by category of files.

(You can still download a Quick installation)

Now, you have a link for the backgrounds, a link for the banners, music, etc.

Each of these links are different and will be explained to you here.

Downloading and installing the packs properly requires a minimum amount of knowledge.

You should consider the limitations specific to your game engine as well as those of your computer.

Be at ease though, the majority of newer engines support most of the formats.

I suggest you read [Installing files] which explains how to extract the .ZIP if you’re not familiar.

Also most of the content on the website are private, here is the help page about that topic.


[Number] = Recommended on the game engines described below

[1] = Project OutFox

[2] = Etterna

[3] = Stepmania 5 (Includes 5.1 and NotITG)

[4] Old build of Stepmania (3.95 and older)

Types of files

[2-3-4] JPG: Lossy compressed image format

[1-2] PNG: Lossless image format

[1-2-3-4] OGG: Lossy compressed audio format

[1] FLAC: Lossless compressed audio format

[1] WAV: Lossless audio format

[4] MPEG: Obsolete video format

[2-3] AVI: Video format which has very good compatibility with a majority of game engines.

[1] MP4 – H264 : Very good video format with very good quality.

[1] MP4 – H265 : More compressed version of H264. Keeping the same quality at the cost of more computer power.

Download options

Banner: (Always included)

[3-4] 512x = The size of the banner is 512×160 pixels.

[1-2] 1024x = The size of the banner is 1024×320 pixels.

Background: (Optional)

[4] 480p [SD]: 640×480 [4:3]

[3-4] 720p [HD]: 1280×720 [16:9]

[1-2-3] 1080p [FHD]: 1920×1080 [16:9]

[1-2] 1440p [2K]: 2560×1440 [16:9]

[1-2] 2160p [4K]: 3840×2160 [16:9]

Music: (Always included)

[4] 128kbps: Very basic quality

[3-4] 192kbps: Average quality

[2-3] 320kbps: Good quality with a reasonable size.

[1-2] 500kbps: Best possible output quality on .ogg

[1] .Flac & .Wav: Best audio quality

(The major difference between these options is the final file size)

(You should choose them based on the quality of your earphones/headphones.)

.SM & .SSC : (Always included)

These are the files that contain the arrows.

*Source file = Only the banner, the music and the .sm & .ssc

Video : (Optional)

See -Background- above for resolutions.

See -File Types- above for the noticeable difference in quality between the different formats offered.

My recommendations for different game engines

Project OutFox

PNG-BN-1024x + PNG-BG-2160p + FLAC + MP4-H264-1080p


Casual: JPG-BN-1024x + JPG-BG-1080p + 500KBPS-OGG

Professional: JPG-BN-1024x + 500KBPS-OGG

Stepmania 5

PNG-BN-512x + PNG-BG-1080p + 320KBPS-OGG + AVI-1080p

Old build of Stepmania

JPG-BN-512x + JPG-BG-720p + 192KBPS-OGG + MPEG-720p

(The MPEG format is an .avi based format)

If you have any problems and/or questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

You can [click here] if you want to see the old download help page.