Download / Info

Spread Keyboard Stepmania File !

You have 2 types of download page.

The PACK and FILE download page.

The pack contains all file in one single compressed archive. (.zip or .rar if the compress file exceed 1gb)

(For extract file help, go check the File Installation Help.)

You can see in the top, the last ”update date” and all file the pack have in the bottom.

You can download each file if you don’t want to download the full pack.

The FILE page contain all information about the song (Stepfile) Anime, Artist, BPM, Level INFO.

The note give you some extra information about the file (The pack etc)

About the last section.

You can download file or watch a video/music (In streaming)

You can go directly on the server if you don’t want to use page.

You can go on the server info to know the link.

What all this choice means ?

Autoplay/Played/Video: A video that show you the file (Arrow, music, etc)

Music: Stream the music before download them

Youtube: Streaming on Youtube if the file don’t have receive a beautiful copyright strike.

Fast Installation: It’s a .exe file that are easy to open and extract on the good folder without using Winrar or 7Zip

Archive: Mostly a .Rar. You need Winrar or 7Zip for extract.

Definition of the quality:

480p = 640x480p (4:3) (For a medium computer)

720p = 1280x720p (16:9) (For a good computer)

1080p = 1920×1080 (16:9) (For a good computer with a good graphic card (GPU))

About other quality:

Source file: The file ONLY include the Music, the banner and the Stepmania file (.ssc,.sm). (No video, no background)

480pNv720pNv1080pNv: The file don’t contains any video on it. (More small, Fewer lag on slow computer.)

480p720p1080p: The video are compressed and render on a MPEG4-AVC / H264 setting [.avi]

480pMpeg720pMpeg1080pMpeg: The video of the file are optimized for old 3.95 Stepmania (Render on a MPEG 4 old setting [.avi]

720p60Fps1080p60Fps: The file contains a 60fps video. (Warning, you need a very good pc for that (A very good GPU too))

It’s render on a MPEG4-AVC / H264, so old 3.95 Stepmania can’t support this format.

About new image quality:

In new recent file, the image format will be change for .PNJ for 720p to 1080p quality.

The .JPG will be keep for 480p quality.

For download, you just need to click on the quality. If the file doesn’t run.

You can use the other server by adding a 1 after DDL (Example: )

Check the Server Info for more tips about that.

If the file doesn’t run properly on Stepmania, try a lower quality or install more recent version.

If it’s still don’t run, contact me.