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Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

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There are two types of download pages

Either for a pack (a group of songs) or for a single file.

Note that a single file doesn’t have the “archive” option,

but is only available in .exe (although it can be opened with WinRAR)

(See File Installation for more info)

The first type


Below the pack’s image there are the different qualities you can choose from.

They are separated into two groups: “Quick Install” (.exe) and “Archive” (.rar)

The differences are explained here: [Extracting files]

Just click on the desired quality and you’ll be sent to the download page for it.

On the bottom there is a list of songs contained in the packs as well as

previews for all of them. You can click on each title for individual downloading.

The second type

Single files

These pages contain the following info about the music: the title, the artist,

BPM, difficulty, the pack it’s in, the date of creation, and more.

If you click on:

The title, you’ll be redirected to a website to buy the music or to support its artist.

The artist’s name, you’ll be redirected to their website or network.

The anime, you’ll be redirected to its MyAnimeList page.

BPM, ”Beat per Minute” It’s the speed of the rhythm of the music. Generally, the higher it is, the more difficult it is.

Level, Difficulty of the song.

NPS, ”Note per second” In short, it’s a more precise indication of the difficulty than the Level. (It’s still an average.)

(It’s up to you to see which NPS you are able to survive.)

Pack, you’ll be redirected to the pack in which this song belongs.

Some files can have “notes” with additional info before downloading.

The download links only appear when you are logged in.

Single files can only be downloaded with quick installation (.exe)

These pages also contain a preview of the song and the chart.

About the qualities

Here’s everything you need to know to download the right files for you:


480p: 640x480p [4:3]

720p: 1280x720p [16:9]

1080p: 1920x1080p [16:9]

Note: For newer packs, images and banners in 480p are in .jpg and

those in 720p and 1080p are in .png

Types of downloads

Source File: Contains only music, banner, .ssc and .sm files

(Recommended for FPS optimization)

480pNv, 720pNv, 1080pNv: Files don’t contain videos

(Recommended for FPS optimization or slower PCs)

480p, 720p, 1080p: Videos encoded in MPEG4-AVC / H264 [.Avi]

(Compatible with Stepmania 5) (For a mid-range PC)

480pMpeg, 720pMpeg, 1080pMpeg: Videos encoded in MPEG4 [.Avi]

(Compatible with Stepmania 3.95 and older) (For a mid-range PC)

720p60Fps, 1080p60Fps: Videos rendered in 60fps.

(Compatible with Stepmania 5) (Recommended for good PCs)

The files should work on the newest versions of Stepmania.

If they don’t or the links don’t work, please contact me!