Technical & JumpStream Charts, the best for destroying your hands properly.

My charting process are really different of what its currently around.
The entirety of my content is for Keyboard and are in a layout of 4 Arrows.
And can be referred as ”Technical, Jumpstream, Stamina” type chart.

My work can be separated by 3 different types.
Which are my old works (before 2016), (between 2017-2020) and (2021-Now).

What will be explained in first is my most recent way to chart. (2021-Now)

First of all, I’m charting by layers.
Which means that i do it step-by-step.

The first things that I do (if we don’t take into profile everything linked to sync or data management)
is to layers the most present lead (sound).
Which can be a lot of things. (Piano, saxophone, violin, etc)

If I see that I can do more without lost the essence of a song,
I will add another layers of lead.

Every lead I do have a Pitch Relevancy [PR] behind it. (Not 100% perfect)
(If you don’t understand the concept of PR, you can learn more in my guide: [HERE])

After that, the overall percussion is added on top of that.
The lead kick (unless if a really loud clap is around) are triple.
Clap are double.
Most of the other sounds (snare, weird sound and others sound) will be a single arrow.
They can sometimes be more predominant depending how they are represented in the song.
The usage of mine is around the voice. (And sometimes in really weird noise)
The mine WILL most of the time overlaps Triple or Double if they don’t have a way to be added in X Place.
But they won’t be there, if I judge one section is to hard to handle with mine in the way.
They also contains around 6-7 difficulties per song. (Which will be explained further)

Every file since 2017 start with fakes and will be like that until the end.
They are non-negotiable.

An edit difficulty is available since 2017 that doesn’t contain any roll, hold, mines and fakes.
Which are called a ”Bodyless” chart. I think they lost the feeling you can have with my classical chart.
But they are obviously more easy to play and to accurate. Since I know that they are much easier to read.

My chart between 2017-2020 lacks of Pitch Relevancy and some compromise was done poorly in highest difficulties.
(Unfair Jack, Unfair Mine Jack, Double Long Note in the same times in hard part, Unfair Burst)
Which are pretty much the difference you will see between those two types. (EDMS BI VS EDMS BII)

My work before 2016 are easy. (EDMS AR and EDMS ARNR)
And I have done it without any guide. Just by pure fun and past-time.
Those work contains the same error as 2017-2020 works. (Except mine that was really less used.)
And fakes was absent. (Except of few remaster)

What are the goal of all my packs?
Getting you higher than 20MSD.

My old stuff is soo easy that you can make your hands on them.
And when you getting confident, starting to play my most recent stuff in the medium difficulties
And put it higher and higher until reaching the max. Which will let you go on higher MSD packs.
Since my recent chart are really tricky to read, Stuff around 24-25MSD will look like easy.

Multiples difficulties theory

My chart are available in a large MSD range. (5MSD to 25-30MSD)
And this is how they are done (for my most recent stuff)

Challenge +: I put the best I can based of where the song is going without restreining myself.
Which means that this difficulty CAN contain Dumping element and HARD pattern.
*W-HBF-V (Are the bodyless version of Challenge +)*
Challenge: This version doesn’t contain Dumping element and burst are more easy.
Sometimes, ”Grace” can be deleted if they are to hard to handle.
Hard: Burst are more easy. Tripple become double. And a layout of section containing Jack can be changed
Medium: Only the main kick contain a Double & Burst are more easy.
Easy: Some arrow around are deleted to make it easier.
Novice: Only the lead are followed with double on lead kick
(The usage of Hold, Mines and fakes are present in every difficulties. Except W-HBF-V)

Between 2017-2020 the process was similar for Medium difficulties to higher,
but are really incomplete on the lower one.

Before 2016, the difficulties was pretty much random and touch everything below Challenge.
It have a lot of unfair jacks and they lack of diversified gameplay.
But they are easy.

My own notation about the difficulties

In 2011, MSD was not there. And I have done my own way to measure my file.
You can say in a way that they are out-dated, but for a consistencie, I keep it that way.

If we take all this and compare it with my used number to the MSD here what it (generally) look like:
Novice: 1 to 4 (1 MSD to 4 MSD)
Easy: 5 to 6 (5 MSD to 6 MSD)
Medium: 7 to 8 (7 MSD to 10 MSD)
Hard: 9 to 11 (11 MSD to 14 MSD)
Challenge: 12 (15 to 17 MSD)
Challenge + (Included W-HBF-V): 13 and more (18MSD +)
(I rarely do file that go higher than 20MSD btw)

Hope this has helped you know more about what I do.

Looking forward to your feedback on Discord!