Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

The Charting (The way arrows and tempos are created) on my files is created by me.

This is why on recent files, there is aNPSwhich is the average of the number of notes per second.

You can roughly estimate the difficulty of the chart. Some music may be reach 15NPS at some points and then go back down, so don’t rely too much on this system.

Each arrow has a meaning in my charting and each of the steps (excluding EDMS A and the 2017-2018 files) respect this charting to keep consistency between each file.

Every note has a meaning and will never be there just tomake it harder“.

Here is how it is done:

Tripple: Usually the Lead Kick or a Lead CLAP which maintains the consistency of the music.

Double: Usually the single kick

Single Arrow: ​​Often the “Hat“, the “Snares” or the sounds in the background

Hold “Main / Lead”: Usually the melody of the music represented in Hold

Hold “Bass”: The “bass” of the music is represented by it. It is usually present inEditif the chart is too difficult.

Since it makes a Step almost inclusivelyHandythroughout the duration it is really difficult.

“Small” Hold: Represents potential long note which cannot be represented as such because there would be too many holds in sight.

Bomb: Bombs usually follow the Voice or ‘glitchy’ sounds. They can also follow a disappeared arrangement.

Fake Arrow: Fake arrows are present at the beginning of all music (except EDMS A).

This prepares you for incoming arrows and prevents you from being surprised when you start the music.

If you don’t like the fake arrows or bombs, you can turn them off in the options.

It will not change the difficulty of the music.

About the difficulties:

Edit: Always named Challenge + [Double Holds + Very difficult passage if necessary]

W-HBF-V: Abbreviation of ”Without-Hold, Bomb, Fake Arrow-Version”.

This is a Edit chart that are more easy to play and look more like my old ”Charting”. 

Challenge: Full Triple and only Main Hold (Or with Bass Hold if easy to handle)

Hard: The triples disappear (except if quadruple in challenge)) (The Main Hold is kept if it is not difficult to play)

Medium: Double on the triples of the challenge. Removal of other doubles. Without holds (mostly)

Easy: The majority of notes linked to single arrows disappear. The quadruple in challenge becomes double.

Novice: Only strong enough Kicks or Claps are kept double. This difficulty is very easy to play.

*Fake notes and bombs remain present on all difficulties.

The difficulty modifications also apply to false notes.*

About my Rating:

1 = Really easy to play. (本当に遊びたいですか?)

2 = +Novice

3 (~Novice) = Novice

4 = –Novice

5 (~Easy) = Easy

6 = –Easy

7 (~Medium) = Medium

8 = +Medium

9 = –Hard

10 (~Hard)= Hard

11 = +Hard

12 (~Challenge/Expert) = Challenge and Technical

13 (~Edit/Challenge+) = +Challenge and +Technical

14 = ++Challenge and ++Technical

15+ = Impossible (私の手を助けて!)

Hope this has helped you know more about what I do.

Looking forward to your feedback on Discord!