Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

You can stream videos in different qualities.

First of all, the default quality is 720p, the fast streaming version.

You can choose the quality by clicking on Settings/Options/Quality.

Your choices should be saved for other videos on the website too.

If you have a problem with the sound, try refreshing the page.

All videos are in 60Fps. Edms A videos don’t have the quality change option.

Here’s all the info about the quality:

OBS File (Not available): FLV | 1080p60Fps | Lossless (Variable Kbps) | SQ: 320Kbps AAC | Very High Quality but extremely heavy (~1-3GB files)

1440p: MP4 | 1080p (because I can’t get 1440) | Bitrate: 9000Kbps | SQ: 320Kbps AAC | Very High Quality but very heavy (~300-500MB files)

1080p (1920×1080): MP4 | Bitrate: 4500Kbps | SQ: 320Kbps AAC| High Quality (~100-200MB files)

720p (1280×720): MP4 | Bitrate: 2500Kbps | SQ: 192Kbps AAC | Medium Quality (~50-100MB files)

480p (854×480): MP4 | Bitrate: 1000Kbps | SQ: 160Kbps AAC | Low Quality (<50MB files)

If you have a slow internet speed, I recommend the 480p format.

If you really want to see the full quality you can download it via the player.

*The 576p quality is just a copy of the 720p one. I don’t know why the player is showing that!