Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

You can stream videos in different qualities.

First of all, the default showed quality is 720p.

You can choose the quality by clicking on Settings/Options/Quality.

Your choices should be saved for other videos on the website too.

If you have a problem with the sound, try refreshing the page.

All videos are in 60Fps.

Here’s all the info about the quality:

BDM File (Not available): AVI | 1080p60Fps | High 4:4:4 Lossless | Bitrate: 180000Kbps| SQ: PCM 32-Bit floating point Little-Endian | Very High Quality but extremely heavy (~3GB)

1440p: MP4 | 1080p (because I can’t put the same resolution on the Video Player) | High 4:4:4 | Bitrate: 12000Kbps | SQ: 320Kbps AAC | Very High Quality but very heavy (~154MB) (Only a PC can read it)

1080p (1920×1080): MP4 | Bitrate: 6000Kbps | SQ: 320Kbps AAC | High Quality (~82MB)

720p (1280×720): MP4 | Bitrate: 3000Kbps | SQ: 192Kbps AAC | Medium Quality (~42MB)

480p (854×480): MP4 | Bitrate: 1500Kbps | SQ: 160Kbps AAC | Low Quality (~22MB)

360p (640×360): MP4 | Bitrate: 850Kbps | SQ: 128Kbps AAC | Very Low Quality (~13MB)

240p (426×240): MP4 | Bitrate: 500Kbps | SQ: 128Kbps AAC | …Quality (これは良いビデオ品質ではありません) (~9MB)

*The number at the end it’s just an average*

If you have a very slow internet speed, I recommend the 240p to 480p format.

If you really want to see the full quality you can download it via the player.

*The 576p quality is just a copy of the 720p one. I don’t know why the player is showing that!