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Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

Major Update 2 finished + All pack has received a big update (except EDMS A)

Hi Everyone! The major update 2 is finally out! All the packs has received a big update. (Banner Quality, Different Audio Format, etc) And pretty much all the file mentioned (about the Major Update 2) has received an update. Only Candy has received a FULL rework of the Chart. The others has received small fixes,…
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May 3, 2021 0

The first part of The Major Update 2

The first part of The Major Update 2 has been released! Edms TS and Edms DyH has received an update about this matter. A lot of things has been fixed. Milos is finally Sync. (That was a lot of work though) Also, Drought was a mess in the middle. So, i has changed that too.…
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March 27, 2021 0

Major Update [Part 1]

The Major Update [Part 1] has been released. At least 11 StepFiles has received a update. 5 of them will be released on the Major Update 2 since they need a major modification. Also a system of ”version” has been implemented on every pack (except Edms A). If you want to read more about it.…
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March 8, 2021 0

EDMS DJ-JO and EDMS AO has been mixed + Candy updated

EDMS DJ-JO and EDMS AO has been mixed. All EDMS DJ-JO song are on the EDMS AO pack ! Candy has been updated too !

September 7, 2020 0

Website -INFO-

Hi everyone! Just informing you that I am currently working on fixing the issues you may have seen on the website. One plugin has done a lot of problems. I have changed it so hopefully the issue is fixed. I need to update all the video links too! But everything is running smoothly now! Sorry…
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August 20, 2020 0