Major Update + Haru released

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Major Update + Haru released

March 2, 2024 Info New File 0

What the new major update have changed?

Here is all the point:
– Changing all the subtitle by adding the “Charting in (year)” aka (Ci)
and putting the most important information first.

– Some Title as also been changed
– Added Haru
– Upgrading the audio and video quality of Mephisto
– Modification of the chart on Mephisto to add the beginning of the song.
– The 60fps download possibilities are no longer available.
– Minor change (Arrow Placement) on ”Unfinished
– Minor change (Arrow Placement) on ”Talk to Me

To make this update happen,

I needed to work with at least 4 700 files in the database.

I hope this major update will be at your expectation!

Preview of Haru!?

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