Major Update about some point + a new song

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Major Update about some point + a new song

July 10, 2022 Info 0

Hi everyone!

A lot of things have happened since the last update.

First of all, a pretty big update about all this point has been done:

– Overall BG quality (1080p-2160p)

– Overall BN quality

– Overall Preview (Except for AR and ARNR)

– Audio upgrade of Destruction (On ARNR)

Secondly, Lunatic Destruction are now released and can be download on EDMS AO.

These charts are quite demanding to play.

And doesn’t have that much mine comparated of my others charts.

Thirdly, now to gain the Veteran access you need to have a 3 months of seniority on the discord server instead of 6 Months.

This role give some special access that you will see below the member-access.

Hoping this project is something that reach your expectation!

Have fun!

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