Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

Edmspack it’s:

~10$ per years for domain name

~40$ per years for Hosting

18$ per month for the 10gbps DDL server.

More than 20$ per month for the backup DDL server

20$ per month for the multistream service i use

[In total=~63$ by month]

+ A lot of time for creating simfile (More than 3-8 hours by file)

(Highly depending about the difficulty of the music to be created)


I don’t put any advertise on link or on the website because i don’t love that.

If you want to support me you have all this option:


Becoming a Helper:

Talk about Edmspack and do some Youtube video about the pack !


Becoming a Betatester:

Testing the Game or file in advance to say if you have some bugs/review


Donate via Paypal:

You can send some money with this link: [Donate]


Donate via Bitcoin:

You need to contact me with the email of contact 🙂