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Technical & JumpStream Charts, the best for destroying your hands properly.

Update 2020.01.11 (Y/M/D)

3 new pages have been added to the Help Section. [Hosting Request] [Request a Song] [Simfiles Editor] Reflection is now finished The forums are backed up and deleted I’m currently working on a video where I will tell you everything about Edmspack 🙂

January 12, 2020 0

Update 2019.12.29 (Y/M/D)

EDMS: AO, S3RL, TS have been updated. I have fixed some problems with sounds, because some songs were too quiet. The song Reflection is out now but only for subscribers because the file isn’t 100% finished. The Hard, Challenge and Edit difficulties are available. The Forum will be taken down (If it’s not already) The…
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December 29, 2019 0

Some updates on the website

We are working to update some pages in the Help Section and we have added a Tournament page. The Help section now has some pages translated to French and some literally made anew.

November 16, 2019 0

[New File OUT] Natsu


August 24, 2019 0