Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

EDMS DESUTROY YOUR HANDS (Aka DyH) is a pack made for Pro-Players as well as for masochists.

This is a compilation of all of my toughest Steps. Difficulty less than or equal to 12 have been removed.

The Steps are very demanding and Technical. Your hands are just going to tear.

It contains many genres of music.


Last Update: 02 May 2021

Created in: 2020 (Still going on)

Quick Installation

Compatible with Stepmania Outfox [SO]

[Source File]

[720pWV] [1080pWV]

Compatible with Stepmania 5 [S5]

[Source File]

[480pWV] [720pWV] [1080pWV]

Compatible with Old Build of Stepmania (Aka 3.95) [SOB]

[Source File]

[480pWV] [720pWV] [1080pWV]


[Stepmania Outfox] [Stepmania 5] [Stepmania Old Build]


[Stepmania Outfox] [Stepmania 5] [Stepmania Old Build]

Video Playlist

This pack contains a copy of this following files:

Birth of The Universe [EDMS TS]

Candy [EDMS S3RL]

Drought [EDMS TS]

Drought Instrumental [EDMS TS]

Nana [EDMS TS]

Nana Off Vocal [EDMS TS]

Peace Sign [EDMS AO]

Peace Sign [Instrumental] [EDMS AO]

Peace Sign [Tv Size] [EDMS AO]

Reflection [EDMS TS]

Smith [EDMS TS]

The Bass & the Melody [EDMS S3RL]

The Day [EDMS AO]

Willingless [EDMS TS]

Change Log (From to

- Changing the Codec of all audio files to FLAC or OGG (Except Edms A) [+1 Major]
- Addition of the W-HBF-V Chart on Peace Sign (3 Versions) (+Bomb/Mine on others charts) [+3 Minor, +4 Charts]
- Modifying Banners for Different Dimensions [+15 Minor]
- Entire restep of Candy [+1 Minor, +2 Charts]
- Small modification of the Chart of: Birth Of The Universe, The Bass & the Melody [+2 Minor]