Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

Welcome in the Megapack section! [Last update: 2020.08.01]

We have created some Huge KB packs. A few huge PAD packs will be put here later.

We have fixed a lot for this pack because some of things were corrupted because of the .zip format.

It’s possible that some files are still problematic. If that’s the case, contact me and I will fix that.

Note that you need to have a profile to download the packs. And you also need Winrar or 7Zip.

If you want to see your pack on the Megapack section, you can request a Hosting.

All the packs need to be extracted into the \Songs folder of Stepmania.

The Ultra Megapack has a *Preload cache archive* that you can download to avoid a very long initial loading.


Ultra Megapack [KB_DKB_PAD] [4K] [18800 Songs]

(*Contains all the Keyboard Megapacks)


Megapack [KB] [4K] [4856 Songs]

Hardcore Megapack [DKB] [4K] [2554 Songs]

Individual Compilations [KB] [4K] [4797 Songs]

Otakus Dream Megapack [KB_PAD_MIX] [2715 Songs]

Open Cafe Megapack [KB_PAD_MIX] [3254 Songs]

VocaMania Megapack [KB_PAD_MIX] [628 Songs]

Paradise Megapack [KB] [4K] [120 Songs]

*The majority of the files come from SMO and FFR listing*


R21Freak Megapack [PAD] [869 Songs]

*Pad Single Megapack – Coming soon*