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Registrations for the tournament are open!


This tournament is for 4K KB players (using four keys on a keyboard)

We must have at least 30 participants for it to take place.

You can request the packs, the music can be of any genre.

The most mentioned packs during registrations will be chosen and played on the tournament.

The starting date will be set when at least 30 people register.

Placement prizes:
100USD for first place, 50USD for second place, and 25USD for third

Three games will be given away during the tournament’s stream:
Cities: Skylines (Normal Edition), ISLANDERS, and Beat Saber VR.
the money for it instead of the game itself is also an option.
The entries for the giveaway will be opened to viewers as soon as the
tournament starts, but participants are added

Note that dates might change, so we strongly recommend that you check this page for updates from time to time.

* We recommend you to have the latest version of Stepmania, but it is possible we use Etterna instead.

* There will be a test stream one week before the tournament.

Tournament system

First round

Your Judge must be at 4 (it will increase as you progress)

You must always have the failing option set to off, meaning that you
can keep playing even after your health/stamina runs out.

You can put any effects and mods you want, as long as they don’t affect your scoring.

If we choose Stepmania, a picture of your score will be required. A FTP server will be created to upload them. The picture must be renamed with this format: (Rating_PlayerName)

Points will be awarded by scoring:

AAAA: 15 points

AAA: 10 points

AA: 5 points

A: 3 points

B: 2 points

C: 1 point

D-E-F: 0 points

The Judge Difficulty will increase as we go. This will make obtaining points more and more difficult.

The number of songs will be determined later. They will be chosen at random by a software.

The remaining participants will be put into four groups of 5 people. That means that 20 players will remain after the first round.

(Note: these numbers might increase if we get more than 30 participants)

Second round

The rules change dramatically from now on.

You can no longer choose your modifiers.

Instead, they will be chosen by a software at random and it will become increasingly difficult as we go

Xmod, Cmod and unwanted effects are possible.

We recommend you train with some random modifiers before facing participating in the tournament.

The charts will increase in difficulty.

The score will reset to zero but the scoring system remains the same.

This round is a race, meaning that the first person in each group to reach 50 points will proceed to third round.

Third round

The scores reset again.

The rules remain the same.

Judge Difficulty is set to JUSTICE.

The charts and the effects become more difficult.

One almost impossible song will pass.

This round is a race between the strongest remaining players. The first one to reach 50 points finishes in 1st place and so on.

(Note: There might be more rounds if we have many participants)


Do not:


Insult or intimidate other players



Use this link to register.

We will contact you via email to explain the procedure.
(this might take up to one week)

Date of the Tournament

Will be announced when we have 30 registered players, but it’s going to be on a Saturday.

If you have any questions or any advice, you can contact me