Spread Keyboard Stepmania File !

When all new pack will have enough file on it to start a tournament, i will start that.

What happen on the tournament ?

All Players that have send a request to play will be include on a list.

When the tournament start, all player will be played in the sametime. (Depending of the limit of a room)

16 best players will be keep and a random page that put all player on a 1vs1 will be created.

When you win, you play vs the other winner in the most nearest group.

When you lost you can do a match vs the other person that have lost. But it’s optional.

On the tournament, it’s will have a price ($) to win in the end.

Actually i think it’s will be this. (But warning it’s not very high)

First: 100$(CA$) [78USD]

Second: 50$(CA$) [39USD]

Third: 25$ (CA$) [19USD]

You can put a money on a ”jar” to exceed the among.

Example, if 10 people put 5$(CA$), the first price will be at 150$(CA$)

The donation during the tournament will be put on the jar. But warning,

when you donate the system take a %, so the price can be a little lower

Actually, it’s what i think is need to look like.

But if you think that you have some idea about this, you can tell that on the forum.