Special Sharing Method

Spread Keyboard Stepmania Files!

When you’ve downloaded a file and noticed its extension,

Chances are, you asked yourselfWhy?

I want to explain this for you and answer your question.

Currently, I use the [.EXE] and [.RAR] extensions to share my files.

Most of the other Step-Creators use the [.ZIP] extension.

The problems that lie with the [.ZIP] format are the following:

High probability for corruption if special characters (Japanese, Chinese, etc) are present in the files.

You could easily see this in the old packs available on SMO which are corrupted.

Probable corruption over time (> One to Two years)

The [.ZIP] format is not good for keeping files for a very long time without changing anything.

I found some very old ‘themes’ that dated back to six years.

And some of them was literally corrupted at 70%,

whereas the [.RAR] format had survived.

Non-optimal compression

Anyone can edit it

Why use the [.RAR] format?

The majority of the problems cited are not present on this extension.

They may exist, but take much longer to occur.

The [.RAR] also has no limit in terms of the size of the archive and can be partially separated.

The only problem is that you need to have Winrar or 7Zip to be able to extract it.

In other words, third-party software.

And now about the [.EXE] extension.

Why use the [.EXE] format?

This allows anyone with -just- Windows to be able to open the extractor without any third-party software.

As it is converted using Winrar to create the [.EXE], it’s possible to open it with the software in question.

And therefore even allow people who do not have Windows to open this file.

The immediate problem with [.EXE] is the maximum size per application, 3GB.

That’s why I offer Archives and Applications on packs.

But you might be thinking to yourself:

But I’m afraid of the [.EXE] extension.

Is it possible that my computer will be infected afterwards?

My responses to this are:

1 – You can open the [.EXE] with Winrar without opening it at all.

2 – My Applications will never ask for administrator access.

3 – 1Fichier (the file host) scans all files every day.

4 – The Applications are “Lockedso not editable by a third party.

If Windows warns you, it’s simple:

Winrar does not allow to put an Authentication Certificate on the Application.

That’s the reason for the warning.

Hope this has cleared up my very unique choice of file sharing.